My Space Station (Home Office)


I want to first say that without everything around me being “just so”, I’m not able to focus on work. So here are some photos of the things in my office that are the most “just so”, and I’ve omitted the things that I can only assume are piles of last years tax stuff.



Here we go! This is the a bunch of scrap materials piled against the wall..



If you absolutely cannot keep it together then at least keep it cute.



This is not a vision board.



On display, like a bad museum.


This is the standing desk I never use! So fun!



It’s a tape dispenser replica of my cat that I found in Nice, France which I bought because I was homesick.




Look at this light! This is the light that comes in around 6pm when it should be the end of the work day but never is!




The only analogue tools.



Well that was fun, for me.